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13 Μαρ 2017

Siam Square - Τρόμος από την Άπω Ανατολή

The so call "Shibuya" of Thailand is the “Center” for Bangkok for half a century. The shopping centers, hip standalone shops, popular cafes and restaurants are all there.

With the increasing competition in the University entrance examination, a lot of cram school shot up all over the area that leads to more traffic and activities for teenagers.

 But, when night falls, it becomes a place of an urban legend. They say that to pass the National Entrance Exam, you have to worship an evil spirit. 

By tying red threads onto a specific chair, you increase your chances in the exam. When a group of nonbeliever found the ‘red threads’ chair in one of the so called “Cram school”, they decide to do the rituals and try to find out what happen. 

During the same time, there is a rumor that the evil spirit of the girl who disappear mysteriously over thirty years ago has now come back walking the empty street late at night. 

When one of their friends is haunted and die after the incident, the gang try to find out what’s really going on? And who is the mysterious girl who turn up in the rest room on the day they did the ritual. Is there something really wrong with Siam Square?