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The film is essentially Sony's latest attempt at making a Spider-Man movie of their own now that they share the live-action Peter Parker with Marvel Studios under the latter's creative control.

As such, choosing Miles Morales is a logical, less risky and more original option than the "cash grab Peter Parker reboot" image that was their burden with The Amazing Spider-Man Series, and it is without a doubt a much more ambitious and much less embarrassing project for their animation studio than The Emoji Movie.

The whole "Spider-Verse" concept shows that the movie itself is acknowledging it's an Alternate Continuity from the Marvel Cinematic Universe even if MCU Peter Parker doesn't end up making an appearance, which makes the concept of multiple cinematic Spider-Men easier to swallow and sets up the movie's real-life relationship with the MCU to be one of friendly synergy rather than rivalry (Especially given how the Amazing Spider-Man movies were made mostly to keep the character's rights out of Marvel Studios' hands).

O Phil Lord και ο Chris Miller, οι ιδιοφυΐες πίσω από την «Ταινία Lego» και το «21 Jump Street» φέρνουν μια νέα πνοή με το ταλέντο τους στο σύμπαν του Spider-man, με ένα πρωτοποριακό οπτικό στυλ, που είναι μοναδικό στο είδος του. Το «Spider-Man: Μέσα στο Αραχνο-Σύμπαν» συστήνει τον έφηβο Miles Morales από το Brooklyn, και τις αμέτρητες ικανότητές του Αραχνο-Σύμπαντος, όπου περισσότεροι από έναν μπορεί να φορούν τη μάσκα.


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